Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other hidden fees or costs?

NO! We know one of the issues with some popular resume builders is being tied into hidden costs, that’s why we provide pricing options upfront. Besides the subscription plan you choose (monthly, 6-monthly, annually), there will be NO other costs/fees.

Does the 7-day trial provide full access, or do I then need to pay to access my resume?

YES! The 7-day trial gives you FULL access for the whole 7 days, to everything and every feature!  

NO! You won’t be forced to pay to access your resume during the trial. 

Do you provide tips on writing my resume or cover letter?

We strongly recommend working with your career advisor for getting direct advice related to the roles you are applying for. It may be worth introducing them to the Enterprise version so they can collaborate with you on your resume within the software.

Don’t forget you can also share an online link to your resume, to get feedback from advisors or friends.

We will be providing some ‘general’ information on writing resumes and cover letters on the blog soon. 

Why are you so cheap compared to some others?

Firstly, we don’t believe in charging an arm and a leg to help people with career progression!

Secondly, we are a relatively new provider (but not a new company) and saw some real customer frustrations with resume builders we believed we could easily fix.

Be sure to help us spread the word using the share buttons on the side, or by leaving a review on the Facebook page, or in the app stores…

What happens to my Resume if my subscription expires?

Don’t worry, we keep your data on file (securely), so when you are ready to make some more edits or changes, just subscribe again. 

In the meantime, you can access it, but not edit or share until you re-subscribe.



How does Resume360 help me get in front of Recruitment Agency's and large companies?

Most Recruitment and Staffing Agencies, and some big employers use something called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

Your resume is automatically imported into the agency’s ATS system, so it’s not often (or sometimes ever) that a real person will actually see your resume.  They see your experience and information in a database type system.

Resume360 prompts you for the right information, then puts that information into the best format to be imported correctly to the ATS system. 

So, if the ATS imports your CV incorrectly (which often happens when there’s lots of pretty fonts, formatting, columns, and images), then the recruiters searching in the system may not even find you…

Can I export my resume out and if so, what format?


  1. You can see your resume as a website link (URL),
  2. Export to a PDF,
  3. Export as a .docx that can be formatted or changed further in a document editor (eg. Microsoft Word).
  4. Copy to clipboard and paste to any other application that support pasting
  5. Print or Save to Microsoft OneNote


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